Our Classic tour, raised the most amount of money for charity, in the clubs history!

January 8, 2024

This is something we are all very proud of!


This huge amount was raised on our 70th year, some was raised from the classic tour from us (Burnham Motor Club), and some we donated extra from the club after the event. Mary Parker from the Abbey tea rooms in Glastonbury once again, donated a large proportion to the classic tour event, which we are extremely thankful to her and her staff. Also we had the Dorset and Somerset air ambulance representative with us at the finish venue, whereby she gave us a pot to collect cash in from the entrants, we raised more than £300 just from that!

This was such a lovely feeling to be able to donate this to the amazing charity.

Thank you to all the entrants for making this such a special event, thank you once again to Mary Parker and her team at the Abbey Tea Rooms.

So far, Burnham on Sea motor club have donated £10, 627 to the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, that, is.........amazing.

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