What we do at Burnham Motor Club:

Rallying, Hillclimbs & Targa's

At Burnham on Sea Motor club, we're passionate about motorsport. The thrill of watching old and new vehicles battle it out never ceases to inspire awe.

We co-promote, marshal and attend multiple rallies throughout the year, as well as our local hillclimb events at Wiscombe Park Hillclimb.

Road Rallying

Our road Rallies are run on public roads, so anyone, with any car can join. these events are timed at an average of 30mph or less. Road Rallies run overnight on Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings, when the roads are quiet.

The length of the rally route varies but is on average around 100 to 150 miles and the route of the rally is not known by the crews prior to the start of the event. The navigator is issued a set of “instructions” from which they are able to plot the route on the map, then get the driver to follow.

Each “section” of the rally is timed and penalties are given for arriving late and greater penalties are given for arriving early. The key to the event is the skills of the Navigator.

Stage Rally

The basis of such events – the special stage – is a stretch of road closed to all other traffic which must be covered at a high average speed. In most of Great Britain, public roads are not available for this purpose, we use private land.

For ‘multi venue’ or ‘loose surface’ (mud and gravel) type rallies, forestry commission roads and maybe a rare closed road is used.

For ‘single venue’ or ‘sealed surface’ events, caravan parks, Showgrounds and airfields may be used. Cars are prepared to the highest standard, with safety being the first concern.

Helmets, fireproof clothing, seats and harnesses, must all be up to date with the current regulations and specifications. A co-driver sits alongside the driver and reads pace notes, a stage diagram or the route directly from a map.

Endurance Rallying

Endurance Rallying is designed to bridge the gap between two disciplines - and ultimately get more people actively involved in competitive motorsport.

You don’t need big amounts of money to be successful in endurance rallying and it’s one of the most competitive forms of rallying in Britain at the moment.

To compete in a “Enduro” you need a petrol engine car no bigger than 1400cc or a diesel up to 1950cc.  No turbos or tuning are allowed. Gearboxes, transmissions and brakes all have to be standard components. Seats can however be changed and suspension uprated. You also need to strengthen the bodyshell, fit a sumpshield and fit minimal safety equipment.

Endurance Rallying is the ultimate clubman’s rallying formula as it means the majority of competitors are on the same performance level, instead of a minority who do all the winning. It is drastically more cost effective.


A Hillclimb is an event which takes place on a smooth, sealed surface over a predominantly uphill gradient against the clock.  Cars start individually, at set intervals, however several can be on the course at any one time. A wide variety of cars compete, from single-seaters to standard production saloons divided into classes by types and engine capacity.

Venues range from picturesque private estates to seaside promenades.

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Burnham Motor Club celebrates almost all of our motorsport and related activities, by promoting and running in and around Somerset. Our members also help out and marshal at many national events, and even abroad.

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